Friday, May 31, 2013

Kinsley is growing fast!!!

First off i cant beleive its been since christmas since that i have posted!! Kinsley is now 6.5 months old! Hard to believe isn't it! seems like just yesterday that we were bringing her home.The healing she has brought is something i will never be able to explain the bond i share with her is beautiful she's perfect in everyway, Lexi is such a big help with her baby sister shes even changed a few diapers (with my help of course!) Daddy is in awh over his two little sweeties he cant give enough kisses and cuddles!
Kinsley is just over 15lbs in the 28th percentile (tiny little thing) but chubby! she is now crawling and getting into everything! she eats food nothing jarred from the store i make all of her food in the baby bullet and she loves it! especially wild meat! hooray for daddy hunting! She has 2 teeth currently and is working on a third, she enjoys being outside with her big sister and especially our daily walks together. Lexi and kinsley love to dance its the cutest thing watching them both get their groove on. Bath time is splash time in our house they looooveee to splash!! watching our two girls grow together has been amazing and we cant wait for the years to come (except for the teens) id like to fast forward that! these girls will deffinatley be keeping us on our toes especially daddy!! Heres a few pics! Enjoy

Saturday, January 5, 2013


Christmas was so so so busy this year! but the girls enjoyed it, well lexi anyways kinsley is a little young to understand yet, but next year should be interesting! We were surrounded by family enjoying food and opening presents it was great.Kinsley is getting so big now, at nearly 2 months old she is weighing in at 10lbs 11oz! she is still breast feeding. She seems to be battling abit of eczema, but i think we have it under control with some cream! Our girls are amazing, i have found some get away time with lexi as we went sledding while gramma watched kinsley, she had a blast and so did i! things have been going pretty good in our home thus far, the new year has brought us happiness and so much to look forward to!