Tuesday, November 20, 2012


So Kinsley is now 9 days old! She had her first doctors appointment today and weighed in at 7lbs! what a great weight gain for her first week, i have been exclusively breastfeeding her since day one and it has totally payed off, not only for me but for her too geting the best milk out there from her momma :) i am able to pump a few ounces inbetween feedings as well.She had a rough 7 days at first trying to get her supply up, i was literally feeding her around the clock,and for the past 2 days she has been more settled and satisfied after every feed and even sleeps longer now! im just so happy i can do this for her it makes me feel amazing.The bond is something i cant explain, this has been the first time i have successfully breast fed this long without supplementing at night or during the day.When i was pregnant i'd dream of breastfeeding often so i knew it was something i wanted to do so badly! breastfeeding has made me loose over 20lbs already and the weight from being pregnant is still falling off! there are so many pros to this amazing experience and if i can do it anyone can!

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